There’s nothing more intimidating than wanting to work with an interior designer and being unsure what they charge or how much it might cost to redesign a space. Most people just aren’t sure what type of budget to set for the projects they have in mind. Not a problem, that’s where I come in. I like to be upfront and honest about my pricing and how I calculate budgets. There are various levels of interior design that range from redesigning a space with existing items to refreshing the space with new items to a complete design overhaul to designing a space from scratch. Depending on what you need will dictate the price. Whatever your needs and budget, we're here to help you figure it out.

In the interest of transparency, I think it’s good for you to understand how the charges work and why they’re there. It might mean a potential client won’t approach me to work on their home if they are unsure about how much things might cost. But letting you know what to expect up front, means there will be no awkward conversations around budget or money when we work together.

Basically there are a few figures associated with interior design services:
Phone Consultation: Free
In-home Consultation: $150
Follow-up Design Plan: $300
Hourly Design Fee: $75
Sourcing Fees: 5%

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What interior designers charge varies on the level of service they offer. As hourly fees go for an interior designer, I’m at the lowest end. Why so low? Because I understand the reality of most families, they can’t afford or justify spending a lot of cash on a pretty home. Practicality of bills and limited income matter. What I do comes so naturally, it doesn’t feel like work. And I firmly believe that beautiful homes don’t have to break the bank. Most people just don’t know how to aesthetically design their home and need a little guidance to get them started. Plus I offer all my tips on how to decorate a space properly, update you on the latest interior trends, share with you my tricks on how to do so affordably, and reveal all my shopping secrets. By the time we are done working together, you will have the confidence to continue designing your own space for years to come.

How to calculate your budget all depends on the size and needs of the space, and how soon you want to have it done. The budget to decorate and entire home in a span of a month or two can be shocking when you first see it. Truth is, most of us shop for furniture and decor over the course of a year or more. We start with refreshing the décor, adding in some new artwork. Then we invest in a good sofa, maybe a new rug too. A few months later, we secure that dream armchair. And then after tax time or the end-of-year bonus comes through, we can finally afford to replace the sectional sofa, add new curtains, update the lighting, and buy that one large art piece that we weren’t sure if we should splurge on but man does it finish the room beautifully.

Realistically, here’s what you can expect a budget to look like. A single room that has the bulk of furniture you just need the right design elements, a few hundred bucks. Several main living areas that need updated furniture and a design overhaul, you’re looking at a few thousand dollars. Think of it this way, furniture, area rugs, and large ticket items obviously cost more. Artwork, throw pillows and miscellaneous décor, not as much but man can they have a huge impact on the space visually. At the very least, you can hireme to redesign your existing elements only and it's just the price of my time.

In a 15-20 minute complimentary phone call, I can give you a rough idea of what you might need to spend. After a 90 minute design consultation, I can give you a more refined budget number.

Don’t let a limited budget keep you from redesigning or refreshing your home. The great thing about my service is I offer flexible budgeting. Some clients have a larger budget and are able to spend it out of the gate to get the final product sooner than later. Other clients have a limited budget, and while they want their home to be beautiful, they can’t afford to spend a lot of money up front. With flexible budgeting, you are only hiring me to help you come up with a redesign plan for your home with a realistic future budget on what you can expect to spend. So over the next six months to a year, as your budget allows, you can achieve the gorgeous look you desire without breaking the bank. My in-home consultation can get you started with just that.

My process in sourcing goods (buying the furniture and décor for your home) comes from a variety of sources: retail stores, online suppliers, and various sources for previously owned goods. We feel this approach gives the home a rich character with timeless style while keeping an affordable budget. My goal is to make sure your home looks curated over years with unique pieces, instead of the “bed in a bag” purchase or generic hotel room look you get from a box store furniture depot. I pride myself on discovering incredible items at consignment stores, estate sales, and yes, even Craigslist and OfferUp. Some of my finds include: $1200 Curry & Co. chandelier at a consignment store for $50, $6000 Restoration Hardware sofa and chair off Craigslist for $1800, and a $1000 Pottery Barn table on OfferUp for $300. I’m familiar with all the high end brands and I know them when I see them, and only buy quality, gently owned pieces.

Don’t designers get supplier discounts? Larger design firms who specialize in remodels work with certain contractors and specialty suppliers for trade discounts. As a boutique agency who focuses on affordable redesign, we work through various local and online retailers who sell goods at an already discounted price. But it takes time to hunt down the bargain, so we do charge a 5% sourcing fee. What does that mean? What I purchase it for is what you pay, plus a 5% fee. Nothing goes into your home you don’t like or approve. But there are savings in patience and searching.

Still not certain if you want to sign up?  Give me a call. I offer a complimentary 20 minute call for all my new clients.  It's quick and easy and you'll have a good idea if my services fit your needs and budget.