Who I Am As a Designer

Interior design has been a passion of mine for years. My experience started with decorating my own home but quickly expanded into interior design consults friends, then quickly expanded it to referrals for refresh and redesign projects, Airbnb home setups and redesign, and then complete remodel of my own Airbnb home in Lake Arrowhead. Whether designing an empty home or working with a client’s existing furniture, my projects are always budget conscious yet offering the highest level of style.


Gorgeous design can be affordable. A savvy shopper knows where to buy stylish quality items for a great price. A clever designer knows when to sprinkle in a few high end “splurge” items where it counts. Mix the two together with a good design eye and you can create a beautiful, comfortable home.

As a boutique studio, we focus our attention individually, never taking on too many clients at one time. Whether you’d like to refresh a single space or redesign your entire home or furnish a property from scratch we can help. Redesign makes the most of the existing elements in a home to give the owner a fresh, new, designer look. As a redesigner I start with rearranging a room in a way that makes the design more cohesive and esthetically beautiful. We’ll also help you identify what's missing from the room and what it needs to bring the full vision to the space. Refresh is that extra step we take to point out dated décor or worn out items that need to be replaced, while also suggesting a few new items to incorporate into the space. The end result is a more welcoming, beautiful and functional space that reflects your family’s taste and lifestyle.

Our Designing from Scratch packages are typically tailored to my short term rental property owners who are working with an empty space but don’t want to break the bank filling a rental property, yet desire a  maximized style.

No matter what space you're looking to redesign, no matter how big or small your project might be, we’ll customize a plan that fits your needs, style and budget.

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As a designer it is my goal to bring your design vision for your home to life. Your home should be a comfortable cozy space that you can’t wait to spend time in. The greatest joy of my job is seeing the client marvel at the transformation of their personal space. Are you excited to get started but not sure what's next?  Don't hesitate to set up a free, 20 minute phone consultation.  See my contact page for more information.